Champagne or Ramen?

Happy New Year to everyone reading! 🎉 As we enter the new year I like to do a few things and I just thought I’d share it with everyone.

I go into this year with the utmost respect and appreciation for life. Not cursing at 2015 or calling it the worst year or even a bad year. Simply because I’ve learnt that this past year has been a year full of lessons, a year full of laughter and sadness, stress and pressure (big up UTech), and a year full of experiences. Like everyone else, I’ve gained and lost friends, I’ve shed some major tears (both good and bad), I’ve had my ups and downs and obstacles to go through. All in all, I want to share with you just how grateful I am for making it through this year and into 2016.

So this year, what did we do?

  1. We conquered yet another stressful semester
  2. We met some of the best people in the world and formed fabulous friendships
  3. We didn’t completely lose our shit
  4.  We got closer to accomplishing our goals, and if you have already accomplished what you wanted to accomplish- GO YOU! ✊🏼
  5. We learned from our mistakes
  6. I… WE got through all of the available seasons of our favourite series on Netflix (for the third time)

I can’t help but go into the new year with a bit of anxiety- already worrying about what this year will bring (typical me). But what do I like to do when entering a new year? Well, I hear all the time that the whole “new year thing” is “anti-climatic and fake”. Although I can see where that would be applicable, I genuinely enjoy reflecting on the past year and comparing everything that has happened, to my current situation. I look at the people I’m surrounded by and constantly give thanks that I’m still surrounded by them. Because of the amount of people who weren’t given the opportunity to see this new year, I can’t help but remember them, no matter what the issue, and remember that life is something to be celebrated. Despite the obstacle(s), we have got to give thanks.

So whether you finished 2015 with a glass of champagne or cup of ramen noodles in hand, I urge you guys to remember that we woke up all 365 days of 2015 healthy and blessed. 2016, is a new year, full of new chances, new opportunities, new challenges and new goals to be set and accomplished. We’re ready!

Some of what I did this christmas 😬

Survived this semester?

Yes, yes it has been 4 months since my last post. And for that, I apologize.

As we wind down for the end of the school year I think we can all agree on the fact that without stress eating (we will get back to this bc food), good music, over active (and very understanding) tear ducts, we would have never been able to get through it. Am I right or am I right?? I know I’m right, I can’t be the only one who stress eats myself into a coma.

I just want to let all of my dedicated friends who answered my calls when I was having a nervous break down know, that I see you, and you will in fact be getting more than tweet of appreciation for Christmas (big up youu). When you have those friends that sit through your crying phone call about how you thought you failed a test and then they don’t roll their eyes when you tell them you actually did pretty damn well.

Anywhoo, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably at that point in your life where everything is all sorted out and you know where you see yourself in ten years……… WRONG. If you’re actually anything like me you’re probably sitting in bed with your laptop crying about the episode of Grey’s where George dies (for the 4th time) and finishing the large bag of Doritos your mom bought for when guests come over. Not only do you not know where you wanna be in life when you’re done with this degree, but you probably want to learn how to fly a plane, or go to culinary school or do some shit that your parents are going to make you pay for because you’re just curious. Are we avoiding the working world or are we just lost as fuck? I like to believe that it’s probably just me wanting to explore, but guess what- “ONE STEP AT A DAMN TIME” I keep reminding myself. Most times the only thing I plan for the future is what I’m gonna feel like eating next or if I really wanna follow up this series although not all of the seasons are on Netflix yet. We’re still getting by real great, I must say.  I mean we made it this far right?

On to the next thing- stress eating is basically a necessity for people like us. If you feel, at any moment in time during your school related activities that you’re about to have a nervous break down, go get some fries. Go get some ice cream. Go get some spring rolls. Anything that is comfort food, is healing food. (May not be good for your heart in literal terms but in metaphorical terms, it’s good for the heart AND soul). So you may be fat, but at least you’ll have your shit under control right? :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Now, we wind down for Christmas break But actually, we have a peak before holidays. That peak I speak of is the inconsideration of teachers who assign us 3847539485 pieces of work in the final week of school before exams commence thinking we don’t really take any other courses. “NBD guys just get it done and you’ll be fine”….. HM??… But we DO get it done (for the most part) right??? Pass this course never to deal with that teacher again. Toodles noodles 🙋 #seeyounever.

To everyone starting exams- Best of luck and do your absolute best. The thought of Christmas dinner is a great form of motivation don’t you think? 😁

A Rude Gyal Summer Weekend (Kingston Jamaica)

Hashtag I live where you vacation? Um I guess that would be true if we lived in Negril or Porty and didn’t occasionally vacation there ourselves (oops I think I just ruined it for everyone). Wanna have an idea of a true Kingstonian weekend? Because let’s face it, Mobay nightlife sucks I haven’t been anywhere else to experience their nightlife in a while 🙊

Well for starters, a typical Friday night may consist of a group of girlfriends getting glamorous and going out to the club to turn up OR it could possibly consist of you spending max. 30 minutes trying to find parking in Loshusan to go to Ribbiz. Either way you plan to turn the fuck up right?


When the alcohol doe reach yet but the vibes are there for sure

But what do we rude gyals do when we’ve sacrificed a fab outfit, brand new lipstick and a completely psyched mood with full intentions of turning up and the night doesn’t go to plan? We try our best to enjoy the rest of the night and keep a smile on our faces DID I HEAR SOMEONE SAY ALCOHOL? That’s right guys- If you’re at the club where the drinks nuh mix good  the alcohol is all inclusive, or at TGI or Ribbiz or even pub where the drinks cheap, just know it’s time to create your very own turn up.


Yep, the tequila certainly hit

HOWEVER, let me not lead you on with this amazing talk of continuous liquor when you and I gotta know that the next morning is gonna be the worst hangover you’ve ever had (much like all the rest of them). But not to worry because it’s Saturday and you can spend the day in bed until drinkup time with your friends tonight at someone’s house… good cure to a hangover? Keep drinking (??????)

Not to worry, after an easy Saturday afternoon, and a… Not so easy Saturday night (TEQUILAAAA!), Sunday is finally here and you can cure your second hangover for the weekend with a trip on the boat to Maiden Cay (I guess I really do live where you wanna vacation..oops) OR with some early morning dimsum- hashtag the only two things that will get me out of bed early on a Sunday morning with a hangover.

(Can you tell this post is all about our love for alcohol and the amazing ways in which it shows us tough, but very very true love?)

So that’s our ‘Easy breezy Kingstonian weekend’ (remember this is referring to those who stayed in town) and if you’re anything like me, you have work the next day… no not at the family business but at a real place that will seriously fire you for screwing their shit up… So we put the Cafe patron bottle down for the next four and three quarter days so as to regain forgiveness from our livers (for the hundredth time) until more plans arrive for the upcoming Friday night… I can hear the tequila saying my name already 🙂

((Rude gyal post coming in a bit- Big up Summer))

How to adult.

I know its been a long ass time. But now that I have some free time I’m gonna try to post more.

So has anyone else felt blind sided by the adult life? Didn’t see it fast approaching? Thought you could avoid it as long as possible?? … well me too.
I remember when I was younger, I used to wish to be a grown up because I thought they could sit at their desks (unbothered) and get paid jus suh. WELL. Now as a grown 21 year old who’s been through a number of jobs I’ve  discovered the hard way. Lets list some of the responsibilities of adulting. Yes. Adulting.
Where do we start? Ill tell you where- having to put up with annoying colleagues as long as possible because Lordddtt knows you need that job.
Reading through important documents, but really scanning through tons of pages per minute wondering “when the hell do they expect me to know all of this for??”
Maintaining all levels of professionalism so as to make a good impression on people who may be your future bosses. The pressure is real.
Planning to be in bed before ten so you dont wake up as a miserable bitch the next morning.
Postponing drink ups  with friends because thats the adult thing to do you know you’ll be too hungover for work the next day. (Big up people like Raymond Wilson who go party and still manage to go work the next day).
Refraining from falling asleep after lunch even when niggaritis a box u.
And overall trying to come to terms with the fact that this is what the real world is all about. Its about self control and knowing how to adult without completely losing it. Can’t say I’m complaining… yet. However, our parents start to treat us differently. Pay some bills, buy some dog food, run some errands, “pay for your own shit“. Shit gets real, real fast. You start to count how long you have before you hit that margin you (may have) set for yourself before it’s time to have kids or get married. Let’s face it, with everyone around you spitting kids out and getting married like its a trend, (kind of like crop tops and miniskirts in the 1990s) you start to wonder how much longer you got.
All of this stuff starts to pile up in your thoughts and pretty soon it’s a rampage of little people in your brain trying to reorganize files because you haven’t done everything as planned.


Want to know how to really adult?-
1. Keep positive
2. Keep the sarcasm to a minimum- apparently not everyone understands it.
3. Make friends with the lunch lady so your box food tun up.
4. “Take out all unprofessional piercings”… whatever that means
5. Keep makeup to a minimum… so essentially, don’t be coming to work with a beat face thinking “yes this is what works”. No. I’ll judge you.
6. Coming to work late?… let’s refer back to your beatface…..
7. “No phones allowed”… but do they really mean it? They muss can relate to us on this one. When X not talking to Y and everything is being displayed on twitter/instagram DURING WORK HOURS I ovs to tek a prips.
8. Remember that you may not be a Raymond or  Dan Holung with immune system strong like yam. Parties the night before work is a no no for me. Especially because I have to get a doctors certificate when if I call in ‘sick’ the next day…..
9. According to Jamila Crosskill, “tuck in your shirt”… professionalism at its peak…(?) Lol
10. Make sure you pay attention to what you’re doing so you not messing up the people dem work mek dem haffi gu fix it back when u leave.



Okay, so I know it’s been a while, but I was recently inspired by the #dearme YouTube compilation video. The question was, “What advice would you give your younger self?” And a lot of things came to mind. I also hope that maybe people out there will be able to relate. So here we go…

Dear me,

This is coming from your not-much-older, more experienced self- you’re young and refusing to give in to peer pressure. You don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you don’t go out- but you do have a goal, and I’d like you to know that your future self is the complete opposite(minus the smoking), and that’s okay. Because as a 21 year old, third year Environmental Science major, your head is screwed on fairly well.

During your blossoming phase you’ll have troubles knowing who exactly you are. You’ll come across mean people and nice people. But hardly any of them make it to your future. You keep a small circle of people around you who love and care for you. You therefore have learned to eliminate the bad and take on more good. You will mature, and you will find out that having few friends isn’t such a bad thing. You speak up more, without hesitation. You stand up for people. You gain friends and you lose some- but you never lose yourself. You find out the hard way that you aren’t to go through life thinking that everyone thinks the same way as you or want what’s best for you.

Don’t stop being happy, don’t give up on love, never let your dreams fade and never stop DOING. You need to keep your drive to get where you need or want to be.

Don’t let what other people have to say about you affect your confidence. Fuck them if they don’t like you. You’ll find people who are worth your time and your feelings.


You were born to be different and you were born to be yourself.

“Today you are you and that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than you” -Dr. Seuss

“Be yourself, everyone else is taken” – Oscar Wilde

Carnival prep.

Hello, all! I realised that I haven’t been updating as frequently as I would have liked. However, that’s life but no- that’s just school.

Anyhoo… Can we talk about the yearly carnival prep that starts at the beginning of January? Yes, let’s.
So the ultimate preparation for carnival starts out with bacchanal new year where the costumes are revealed. At this time, many of us also get official motivation for dieting (we’ll get to that soon) when seeing the bodies of some of the girls in the costumes some of us (namely me) think we can simply pick choose and refuse from, I’m then slapped by reality when I see those prices.
The next stage of preparation is dieting. There are types of dieting… or rather, types of girls who diet…. differently.. Here are a few examples:
1. Girls who have the self control to eat celery sticks instead of fries, salads instead of burgers and grilled/boiled chicken instead of fried chicken and rice (oooo lawd 😍) and manage to maintain this self control for the three months and use it as a gateway to a ‘healthy lifestyle‘ (KUDOS).


2. Girls who believe that they can drink water and eat celery and carrot sticks weeks before the day and believe that by some miracle- this method will help them lose 30 pounds (no judgement).
3. Girls like me who think that they can eat a lorgeee fries atleast once a week and believe that it’s okay because we’re working it off at Marc later anyway, right? …. Right…?


^ Let’s be real- who DOESN’T want a bigger ass????

4. And then we have those bitches who are slim and no matter what they eat, OR what amount, they don’t gain weight…. big ups you 😒 won’t  call any names. Just stop complaining about being fat so I don’t  have to resist the powerful urge i get to slap you.

But the beauty of all of these different mindsets is (with the exception of number 4) that we all have one thing in common- we all want to reach a certain goalWE ALL WISH THE COSTUMES CAME WITH A BODY LIKE KACI’S…. you were thinking it, I said it. No shame.


My only advice for the girls like me for the next few months would have to be:
TRY self control. It’s hard. But try.
Avoid all junk food pages on instagram.
Follow inspirational pages with healthy recipes.
Think of how hot you would look naked if you had a body like Kinky’s (from Tazs Angels).


The Reality

A pleasant good morning from the 876!

But really, a groggy morning from a cold lecture theatre. These 8:00 am classes can never start out the right way. You either panic because you’re late for your early lecture (if you’re  anything like myself) OR you find yourself with heavy eyelids sitting at the front of the class still waiting for your lecturer to finish her early morning  coffee in the staff room (again, if you’re  anything like me). Either way, I don’t  think there’s  any right way to start an 8:00 class. Despite how positive you try make yourself seem.

I realised that what people on the outside think of school is not quite the reality of the ‘situation’, (yes, situation, I know you agree). It’s  kind of like watching Orange Is the New Black. They make prison seem like it’s  manageable (not tempting, however).

The reality of school, UTech in particular, can be summed up in a straight-to-the-point list:
1. Disorganization- which is made up mostly of the staff members who would tell you to #&*$ off if they could (they should know the feeling is mutual)
2. The constant reminder that “YOU ARE AN ADULT NOW” from the same individuals who never fail to forget their own words and treat you like a child.
3. The inevitable  exercise forced upon you when you’re  told to go to admissions when the lady at the desk really meant to tell you to go to your faculty on the other side of the school (“oops”??? “My mistake”????? Oh fv*k off -_- )
4. Let’s  not forget the ‘right before finals’ assignments which are given to us two weeks before exams start because they’re deciding to “try something new” this semester.

All in all, what university  really is, is:
Lack of sleep
Lack of a social life
The new found discovery that while studying, you must have twix bars and a bag of doritos on your bedside table in the event of a mental break down or just in case  you feel a sudden ‘study craving’ (which is always, if you’re anything like me).
Trying to keep your sanity and spirits up whilst keeping up or on top of all your work and assignments.
And perfecting the art of procrastination.


Keep going, we’re  almost done anyway right? And then there’s the working world.

Until then, keep your head above water with me ♡.

Back to school…

Guess who isn’t mentally prepared to go back to school next week Monday? – me me me me meee!
Normally, when I don’t  have a lot of things on my mind, preparing for school is much muchhhh easier. It’s  also the simple stuff I have to do that essentially leads up to the official mind set that “ok school  is in a few days, time to buckle down again”. And by simple stuff, I mean labelling my books, selecting my modules, organising my sleep pattern, putting parties and pars (liming/hanging out) on hold, and literally telling myself everyday that I need to have a fresh and optimistic (but also REALISTIC) view on my courses and semester. (When I say realistic- I don’t  mean pessimistic. I know the two are more than often confused. But maybe we can debate this afterwards).
Now, when I say an optimistic view on the semester, I mean- study hard, think kindly of the teachers (even if they’re bitches- because I know they’re often seen as the enemy during school), do what you’re  told (keeping up with course work), and always keep focused. I took this approach only last semester (which I believe is very late because I was going into my third year- first semester), but LORDDD did it help! I didnt fail one in course  test, my confidence was sky high and I got along much better with my classmates (I’m usually an outcast in classes). Because of these kinds of positive results, I’d encourage any and everyone to take on this mind set, especially if you’re in a lower year than me. Things can only look up if you’re  positive in my opinion- this coming from someone who was a true pessimist for a good little while. I truly believe in prayer as well. As I said, I’m  not the most religious person ever, but I think it helps. But when I say this, let me highlight something for you, I do not, I repeat- DO NOT believe prayer will work during your exam if you have not studied or put in the work. The wise words of Britney Spears “you better work bitch!” always manages to give me a slight push- not to mention when I’m  having one of my many stressful mental break downs, remembering Britney during her 2007 stage (Im sure we all remember that) also helps me regain my sanity. Sad, but true.


When it comes onto exams, since i mentioned Britney (bitch) (have to say it in my head when I say her name just for a sense of completion), I have a scale I like to measure my stress level on. If on the level of the Cucumber- cool, calm and collective, obviously I’m  good and can keep on keeping on with whatever I’m doing because clearly im prepared. However, if my stress is that of Britney in 2007, I know to take a break and try analyze the work and see whether or not I can manage. If I’ve  procrastinated for too long and find myself overwhelmed, there’s  no going around it, it’s  my own fault. So I either do what i can and get a low grade (or maybe scrape through) or just say “fuck it!” And move onto something I know I’ll  do well in. To be honest, I’d  advise anyone else to do this as well, BUT, you know what you can and cannot manage. So don’t  take my advice if you know you can push through all that stress and still do well. If that’s  the case, well kudos to you! And I’m  gonna need YOUR survival guide :).
Because I feel like I’m  babbling now, I’m  gonna come to an end 😁. But for whoever is out there who may be reading this, give me your advice as to how you prepare for school! Tell me how you manage stress! I used to sit upside down on my sofa and sing really loud till my head hurt to deal with mine ☺ (really helped). Leave your comments below and let me know!

Ps. Let’s not forget just how fabulous Britney really is. Because this is the Britney I think of when exams are over and it’s time for summer


2014, we bid thee farewell!

As we say goodbye to 2014 (those of us in the Western hemisphere), if you’re  anything like me, you take the time to reflect on the highlights of the past year while the clock ticks; the accomplishments, the failures, the love gained and lost, the new friendships and the ones that will be no longer… Although it’s a lot to think of- positive and negative, it never hurts to have this peace of mind going into yet another year.
To be very honest, im not the ‘God-liest’ of individuals, but i never fail to give thanks. However, who doesn’t ‘fear the ’15’?
My advice- the reality of the situation is, no matter what, it’s coming. We have to grab it by the reigns and control it. Don’t think about the limits, think about the possibilities!
To cut things short, I hope everyone is safe and ringing in the new year how they see fit :* have a good night and I’ll talk to you next year!


Introduction to this new world

So I figured I’d use my first post to let those who actually read/follow my blog, know who they’re following. I know I wrote that little passage as basically a slight preview of the person behind the screen, but seeing as I’m still trying to figure out just what I’m going to be writing about, this is also my method of stalling 🙂 . As I said before, my name is Shannon, I’m Jamaican and 20 years old (the cliché introduction). I’m pursuing a bachelors in Environmental Science while simultaneously struggling with constant wondering thoughts of when I’m going to find my passion and where I’m going to be later on down the line. I’ll often be looking to those who view my blog and give me feedback for advice and reassurance that I’m not the only lost soul in this world. As the new year approaches I have to keep the mental post-it in my mind which reminds me, no matter what, to keep moving forward. Because of all the cons I see coming along with 2015, I must, for my health and sanity, see the pros as well. As I said before, I am a worrier. And by this I mean I’m seriously committed to this long term relationship I’m in with Stress. I doubt I’m the only one who knows of it. With the upcoming semester and obstacles I will be facing, I’ll see this blog as my form of breathing space. I want it to be the same for those reading. I want it to be a place where people can come to laugh and share thoughts (I like to believe I’m a funny person but you guys can slap me with the truth when time comes if necessary lol). Hopefully I’ll be able to post daily… even weekly when its crunch time mid semester, but I do hope to keep on keeping on with this blog (see what I did there?). Although I have no inspirational quote to leave for anyone out there who may be reading, there’s always tomorrow!- We’re just gonna ‘Keep Moving Forward’ 🙂 IMG_3654